Monday, 17 July 2017

Readers' Workshop


Image result for stellaluna
What might have happened to Stellaluna and the birds if Stellaluna had not found her mother?

Monday, 19 June 2017

Brave Irene

Brave Irene

 Brave Irene
Irene had a problem: getting to the palace. How else could she have solved her problem of getting to the palace?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Seussville Update

Wow, we have been having such a busy term 2, the weeks just keep flying by. We have continued learning all about the different world biomes. We are working in small groups to research and create a poster and slide show about our biome and then create an information report on an animal from our biome. On Thursday we made our biome dioramas, it was so much fun and everyone was very creative. We are excited to share all of our hard work with our parents and carers early next term.

We were lucky enough to have Lucas Proudfoot present his Indigenous show at Fraser a few weeks ago, he taught us about the Indigenous area where his family is from and some of us even got to dance or play a didgeridoo. It was alot of fun. 

All of Suessville is in the middle of creating some amazing artworks ready for our Amazing Art Show next term, so stay tuned for more information after the holidays, we are pretty incredible artists, if we do say so ourselves! 

When we aren't creating masterpieces on a Friday afternoon, then we are focused on problem solving and programming during our coding lessons. This term we have created a game to drive a boat sprite through a timed race course and year 3 have just finnished their first memory game, with year 4 half way through theirs. 

This week we are also lucky enough to have a Food Detective performance coming to school on Tuesday. See, we told you that we have been busy!!

What has been your favourite activity/learning this term so far?

Monday, 5 June 2017


 Clark the Shark

How do the illustrations show that Clark is playing too rough? 

Saturday, 27 May 2017

National Zoo and Aquarium Visit

Yesterday Year 3/4 had an amazing day visiting the National Zoo and Aquarium. We got to explore the brand new area of the zoo which is home to their new White Rhinos. We all went on guided tours and everyone had the opportunity to feed or hold some of the animals. We had so much fun! The keepers talked to us about the different biomes that some of the animals come from, as well as the effect that human impact has on many of the animals habitats.

What did you learn about the animals  during your Zoo adventure?

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Year 3 Maths - Graphing

In Year 3 we have been collecting and organising data into bar graphs. We then had to use our data and graphs to create true statements and questions about what we noticed. Take a look at some of our great graphing below.


What is your favorite chip flavor? 
What other topics could you graph?


This term we have been learning all about the different biomes around the world. So far we have asked lots of questions to figure out what we would like to know about the different biomes and we have begun investigating the Grassland and Desert biomes. 

As we cover each of the five biomes; Tundra, Forest, Aquatic, Desert and Grasslands. We will be finding out about their climate, location, flora and fauna and the human impact on each biome.

Some of our students have been making a slide show about the impact humans have had on the Grasslands. Take a look at some of our research that we turned into posters on google slides.

What are some interesting facts that you have learnt about biomes so far?