Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Design and Technology

As part of our Design and Technology learning we have been looking at different obstacle courses and their designs. Our task was to investigate what resources we have available in the Play Shed and then use them in a creative way to make a challenging, fun and safe obstacle course for us to use at school. We have taken an inventory list of available equipment and we are beginning to design our courses. Once we are finished we will even get to make some of them up and test them out. Keep an eye out for some of our finished designs in the near future!

What materials that you have at home do you think would make a great obstacle?

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Welcome back to Term 4

Welcome back to our final term this year to all of our Seussville families, we hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holidays. We have another busy term ahead of us here at school and have hit the ground running. In Mathematics Year 3 are learning all about multiplication and Year 4 are currently investigating different types of angles, they have been hunting for different types of angles in the school environment.

We have also begun our new Geography inquiry called Australia's Neighbors. We will be looking at Vanuatu, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand in detail and we started off our learning with a quiz game to to learn some interesting information about each of the countries. We are super excited to learn about other countries and their culture, government, currency, flora and fauna, food, industries and natural features.

In English we have started the term learning about poetry. We have been reading some fun rhymes and have had a go at creating some animal alliteration.

What interesting sentence can you create using alliteration? 

For example: Lazy leaping lizards lick lemon lollipops.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

What A Term!

What a busy end to Term 3 we have been having here in Suessville! We went on our Canberra excursion to learn more about some of Canberra's landmarks and how they have changed over time. We visited many places including Mount Ainslie, Blundell's Cottage, Lake Burley Griffin and the Foundation Stone. We even had the opportunity to design a new building for Canberra using Lego.

Mount Ainslie

Captain Cook Memorial Fountain

 Canberra Lego building designs

 Blundell's Cottage

  Blundell's Cottage

  Blundell's Cottage

To finish off the term Fraser had their bi-annual Awesome Art Show last weekend. Take a look at some of the incredible art we had on display. We hope you all have a safe and happy holidays and we look forward to seeing everyone back ready for a fun packed and busy Term 4 in a few weeks.

 Year 3 Lorax Art

Year 3/4 Apple Tree

What has been your favorite activity/learning during Term 3?

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Grandfriend's Morning

To celebrate National Literacy and Numeracy Week we were excited to invite all of our wonderful Grandfriends into school to share our learning. We taught them some maths games and made symmetrical patterns using pattern blocks. We shared quality picture books and taught them how to write a Lipogram using a crazy Dr. Seuss picture. Lastly, we shared our portfolios with our Grandfriends so that they were able to see some samples, of all the amazing work we have completed so far this year. It was a very busy morning and after all of their hard work we treated our Grandfriends to a morning tea in the hall. 

What was your favorite activity on Grandfriend's Morning?

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Bike Safety

During the last few weeks we have been investigating how to be safe while riding our bikes. We finished with a simulation around a bike track in the playground. We had to follow the road rules and signs.

What advice do you have for someone going on a bike ride?

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Foundation Stone

This week we have continued our learning about the history of Canberra. We learnt all about the seach for the location of the capital city of Australia, which had to be in NSW and at least 100km from Sydney and the laying of the Foundation Stone to mark the naming of Canberra. 

The Foundation Stone marks the announcement of the official name of ’Canberra’ by Lady Denman and commemorates the official founding of Australia's capital city. 

The then Governor General Lord Denman, Australia’s Prime Minister at the time Andrew Fisher and the Minister for Home Affairs, King O’ Malley originally laid three stones on the 12th of March 1913 as a marking for a Commencement Column. 

The Foundation Stone had been originally placed on Capital Hill, located where new Parliament House now sits. However, seventy five years later, on the 12th of March, 1988, another ceremony was held to mark the moving of the stones to their present location, attended by the Governor General, the Prime Minister and the Minister for the Arts and Territories.

Take a look at the Foundation Stones that we were able to make during our learning.

We have also completed our explanations, 'How Do Popcorn Kernels Pop?' Take a look at our annotated diagrams and detailed explanations that are in sequenced order and use lots of technical language, such as pericarp, germ and tip cap.

Slow Motion Video Of Pop Corn Kernel

What have you learnt about the history of Canberra so far?

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Measurement - Year 4 Maths

Recently students have been investigating formal units of measure for capacity, length and mass. 


We even found out the Mr Deeker is 194cm tall!!! How much taller is he than you?